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Tips On Buying

Estate Agents
Let a good number of agents in Manchester know your needs.

Provide estate agents with all your contact details and e-mail addresses – if what you are looking for comes on the market in Manchester you want to be the first to know!

Work closely with the estate agents, they have local knowledge of the property market and house prices in Manchester. Make them want to help you.

The Property
Work out your budget:

Standard lending ratios are usually three times the principal earner’s gross income plus one times the second, or two and a half times joint gross income. Consider your existing equity, savings, moving costs and your likely general credit rating.

Decide what you want to buy. Make a wish list of essential criteria – style, size, age, numbers of rooms, garaging, parking, garden etc. Still remain open-minded – lots of people surprise themselves with what they end up buying. Consider the wider picture – location, communications, local facilities, schools, clubs. Is this a long term move? How will your property needs vary in future?

Arrive in the area early to get a good feel of the neighbourhood, and prepare any local questions you may wish to ask.

Do not make an instant judgement. Do not be influenced by the sociability of the vendors, their taste in furnishings or the (un)tidiness.

Assess the accommodation that the property provides.

Assess the general state of repair: Roof, walls, windows and doors, plasterwork, wiring, plumbing and heating, kitchen fittings and bathroom sanitary ware.

Have improvements been carried out / will they be required (e.g. double glazing, insulation, D.P.C., kitchen)?

Assess the neighbours, the street and the general condition of other properties around – is this street reliably steady, on the up, or going downhill?

Consider where the morning and evening sun will be.

If you are interested try to revisit at a different time on a different day when the area may be busier.

Action for buying a house
Buying a house can get stressful; get off to a good start!

Print this checklist, take it with you and make notes.